What’s in it for me?

Every Rotary Club President Elect is required to participate in President Elect training each year but we believe this is a great opportunity more than an obligation! The whole idea is that, as a result of attending this event, President Elects receive the best possible preparation for their year of office so that the clubs receive great leadership and have the most enjoyable, productive year possible.

A Multi District Club Leadership Forum provides opportunities for you as a Club President to see and learn from the wider world of Rotary beyond the Club and District. By leveraging resources, time and talent collaborating Districts can attract engaging, motivating and inspirational speakers as well as the best trainers and facilitators.

More than 150 club leaders will come together to meet and network with other Club Presidents, District leaders, and international Rotary leaders while learning about the operations and tools for running a vibrant Rotary Club. This will include workshops focused on facilitated discussion to share ideas with Club Presidents from other Districts on topics and issues relevant to your club’. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your District and Leadership teams to help you to translate ideas and takeaways into action.